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6 years ago

I just read a little bit of your blog. I found it quite interesting. 🙂 Asian American faith. It is a big subject.

Barney kim
Barney kim
6 years ago

Nate, I like to suggest that you write about and uncomfortable topic of Predatory pastors in the church. Our Pastor Victor Kim of Remnant church was discover in a 10 year affair in which he manipulated women in the church as victims. He pretty much ruin the lives of the victim’s family. The traditional aisan mentality of not not challenging authority enabled him to do this for his 25 years in ministry. Pastor Victor Kim was caught because the victim was brave enough to come forth, putting her family’s future in harms way. This could’ve gone on for another 10 years. Who knows how many other victims there are, who are not as brave as her.

There were so many warning signs. He refused to be transparent with finances. People recently discover that Victor Kim did some not so dishonest thing by secretly transferring church property to his family for $100k gain. No one knew or question because we accepted the subordinate position as a sheep. If you google pastor victor kim, you can read all about his exploits. Please, I urge you to enpower the Asian church community to protect them selves from these types of predators.